Working Papers

Alves, Joana; Kunst, Anton; Perelman, Julian. Evolution of socioeconomic inequalities in smoking: Portugal 1987-2006.

Barros, Pedro Pita; Braun, Gisele. Upcoding in a NHS.

Barros, Pedro Pita; Martins, Bruno; Moura, Ana. The rocky road to market equilibrium – Price regulation in Portuguese retail pharmacy.

Braun, Gisele; Barros, Pedro Pita. Does it last? Effects from a public policy to recover waiting lists.

Fiorentino, Francesca; Barros, Pedro Pita. Hospital-acquired infections: a cost estimation for BSI in Portugal.

Moura, Ana; Barros, Pedro Pita. Entry liberalization and price competition: what can we learn from OTC products?.

Perelman, Julian; Felix, Sonia; Santana, Rui. Impact of economic and public debt crises on healthcare use in Portugal – hospital data, 2001-2012.