Cunha, Miguel Pina e

 miguel pina  





Miguel Pina e Cunha is Professor of Organization Studies. He received his PhD from Tilburg University. His research has been published in journals such as the Academy of Management Review, Applied Psychology: An International Review, Human Relations, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Journal of Management Studies, Organization, and Organization Studies, among others. He published or edited several books, including “Organizational Improvisation” (co-edited with K. Kamoche and J.V. Cunha, Routledge, 2002), “Creating balance? International perspectives on the work-life integration of professionals” (co-edited with S. Kaiser,M.J. Ringlstetter, D.R. Eikhof, Springer, 2011) and “The virtues of leadership: Contemporary challenge for global managers” (with A. Rego and S. Clegg, Oxford University Press, 2012).

He teaches Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Change Management, and Positive Organization Theory at Nova and collaborates with the Angola Business School. He received teaching awards as best professor in the undergraduate and MBA programs.

He served as academic director of the undergraduate program at Nova, academic director of The Lisbon MBA, and as Associate Dean for graduate programs. He presently heads the school’s Faculty Council.

Research Interests

Current research interests include: process-based views of organizations; the paradoxes of organizing; virtuous and toxic leadership; the unfolding of positive and genocidal forms of organization.

Recent Publications

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Books and Book Chapters

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