Castanheira, Filipa

 Filipa Castanheira  

Assistant Professor




Filipa Castanheira is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at Nova School of Business and Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She received her PhD in Social Psychology in 2009 from Universidade de Lisboa.

Filipa is a researcher in the Project “Temporary Agency Workers' transitions: Motives, experiences and outcomes” (2013-2015), with a two-year Grant from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology- FCT (PTDC/PSI-PSO/120419/2010), and was formally a researcher in the Project “Employment relationship in temporary workers: Human resource management importance” (2009-2011), that also received a Grant from FCT (PTDC/PSI-PTO/102046/2008).

Her research has been published in journals such as the Human Resource Management (forthcoming, 2010), Journal of Organizational Behavior (2007), Journal of Managerial Psychology (2012), International Journal of Training and Development (2012), Economic and Industrial Democracy (2010), and Journal of Business and Psychology (2006), among others. Her work was recently recognized with a best paper award in the track of Journal of Managerial Psychology by the International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM-2013).

Research Interests

Her research interests include human resource management, leadership, employment relationships, including temporary employment, job design and relational demands, and stress and well-being in service occupations. 

Projects with Grants in Progress 

2015/16 -  EEA/000222SM2 : A mental health promotion network to build capacity and reduce inequalities for workers and unemployed (Healthy-Employment/HE). Member of the research team.  Project Coordinator: Maria João Heitor (FM-UL). Project with a Research Grant from the European Economic Area (EEA:  € 543.026,20).

2013/16 - Project: Well-Being in military workers. Member of the research team.  Project Coordinator: Tenente Coronel Fernando Cruz. Project awarded with a Grant from the Military Center for Research (CINAMIL). 


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Castanheira, F. (forthcoming). Perceived social impact, social worth and job performance: mediation by motivation. Journal of Organizational Behavior. DOI:10.1002/job.2056

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Congresses and Scientific Meetings (Oral communications)

Castanheira, F., Chambel, M.J., & Sobral, F. (2015) - “Double employment relationship: Moderation by previous employment status”. Included in the Symposium: “Moderators and mediators variables in the employment relationship of temporary agency workers”, and presented at the XV European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP, Oslo, Norway).

Chambel, M.J., Oliveira-Cruz, F., Castanheira, F., & Lopes, S. (2015). As motivações dos soldados portugueses e o seu bem-estar. / The motivations of the Portuguese soldiers and well-being. Presented at The International Applied Military Psychology Symposium (IAMPS, Lisbon, Portugal).

Rodrigues, F., Castanheira, F., & Cunha, M.P. (2015)  “Dancing, aging, and engaging – Work engagement along career life cycle of professional dancers”.Presented at the XV European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP, Oslo, Norway).

Santos, A., Chambel, M.J., & Castanheira, F. (2015). “O papel mediador do bem-estar no trabalho na relação entre as características relacionais do trabalho e o bem-estar geral dos enfermeiros hospitalares / the mediating role of work well-being in the relationship between hospital nurses' relational job characteristics and context free well-being”. Presented at the IV Congresso da Ordem dos Enfermeiros (Lisbon, Portugal).

Santos, A., Chambel, M.J., & Castanheira, F. (2015).Efeitos psicológicos das características relacionais do trabalho: validação de um instrumento de medida com enfermeiros portugueses e brasileiros/ Psychological effects of relational job characteristics: Validation of a scale with a sample of Portuguese and Brasilien nurses. Presented at the VIII Simpósio sobre Comportamento Organizacional (ISPA, Lisbon, Portugal).

Santos, A., Chambel, M.J., Castanheira, F., Vieira, M., & Costa, C. (2015).Características relacionais do trabalho e bem-estar dos enfermeiros hospitalares portugueses e brasileiros/ Relational job characteristics and well-being of Portuguese and Brasilien hospital nurses. Presented at the 11º Congresso Nacional de Psicologia da Saúde (Lisbon, Portugal).

Castanheira, F., & Story, J. (2014) “Making good things last longer: Savoring and the relationship between HRM and employee outcomes”. Presented at the 74th  Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM, Philadelphia, USA).

Castanheira, F., Marques-Quinteiro, P. & Chambel, M.J. (2014). “Examining cross-level dynamics between team-leadership, psychological contract, and employee well-being”. Presented at the 9th  Annual Conference INGroup (Raleigh, NC, USA).

Castanheira, F., Sobral, F., & Chambel, M.J. (2014). “Perfis motivacionais dos TAW e a sua relação com o compromisso, o bem-estar e as práticas de recursos humanos”. Presented in the Symposium: “Trabalhadores Temporários de Agência: Motivos e Experiências” at the IX Congresso Iberoamericano de Psicologia/ 2º Congresso da Ordem dos Psicólogos (Lisbon, Portugal).

Oliveira-Cruz, F., Chambel, M.J., & Castanheira, F. (2014). “Measuring job satisfaction in portuguese military: Validation of the job descriptive index scale”. Presented at the International Applied Military Psychology Symposium (IAMPS, Talin, Estonia).