Santos, João Pereira dos

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Research Assistant at Nova SBE




João Pereira dos Santos was born in Lisbon in 1991. He is currently participating in the International Economic Policy Research Program of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy with scholars from Harvard, Stanford, PSE, Brown, among others. He holds a MSc in Economics from Nova SBE and he also studied in the London School of Economics and in Universitat Pompeu Fabra. João worked as Research Assistant in projects related to Economic History (PI: Prof. Maria Eugénia Mata), Public Economics (PI: Prof. José Tavares, Prof. Pedro Pita Barros), and Political Economy (PI: Prof. Susana Peralta). He presented his work in conferences such as the European Public Choice Meeting, the International Panel Data, and the 2015 Milan iHEA Congress. His interests also include International Trade, and Behavioral Economics.

João has worked for the Embassy of Ecuador, completed a Seminar in European Studies at the European Parliament – Gabinete em Portugal, collaborated with the website Portugal Economy Probe and he was co-Founder and the First President of Nova Debate. Currently, he is proud to be the President of Nova Economics Club.


MSc. in Economics, 2015, NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal

BSc. in Economics, 2012, NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal

Research Interests

Public Economics, International Political Economy, Behavioral Economics, Economic History


Santos, João, (joint with José Tavares and Ernesto Freitas). “Dinâmica e Desempenho Empresarial: Municípios, Instituições e Custos de Contexto” (in Portuguese), Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2016

Santos, João, (joint with Mariana Tavares and Pedro Pita Barros). “More than just numbers: Suicide rates and the economic cycle in Portugal (1910-2013)”, forthcoming in SSM - Population Health, 2016

Tavares, José (coordinator), “Culture and Development: A Guide for Decision makers” (in Portuguese), Portuguese Ministry of Culture, 2014

Working Papers

Santos, João, (joint with Alfredo Marvão Pereira and Rui Marvão Pereira). “For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Effects of Tolls in an Uncongested Motorway on Road Safety”

Santos, João, (joint with Susana Peralta). “When to seek re-election”

Santos, João, (joint with Ernesto Freitas). “No country for unemployed old men”

Santos, João, (joint with Maria Eugénia Mata and Leonor Ferreira). “Organizational innovation versus Strategic competence: The Angolan Cazengo Agricultural Company