Rego, Inês

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Inês is a community developer with experience in advocacy and empowerment of communities (especially the vulnerable ones), research and project management.

Inês has been working in the non-governmental sector in Portugal. For 4 years she worked as a project manager of a national action-research project, named PREVIH, that aims to caraterize the knowledge and behavior of target populations regarding to HIV infection, estimate the prevalence and implement HIV prevention strategies.

In terms of research she joined the researcher team of the National Health Plan 2012-2016 and also worked in an international organization in Angola in studies related to infectious diseases and evaluation of the effectiveness of community health interventions. Currently she is collaborating in a study that aims to evaluate the economic crisis impact on physicians, study that won the Santander Totta 2014 award of colaborative research.


MSc. In Health and Development, 2011, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Lisbon, Portugal

BSc. In Community Development and Mental Health, 2006, Applied Psychology Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

Research Interests

Health policies; Community organizing; Participatory action research


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Oral Communications

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