Correia, Filipe

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Research Associate at Nova SBE




Filipe Correia has grown up in Lisbon, where he also completed his BSc. in Economics, graduating from NOVA School of Business and Economics. Jointly with this program, Filipe visited the University of Economics, in Prague, under the ERASMUS program.

Currently attending the MSc. in Finance at NOVA School of Business and Economics, Filipe focuses his attention on the mechanics of financial markets and on the tools used to support decision-makers, acting in different scenarios in a field of study where randomness sometimes affects life quality, welfare and even political choices and governance.

Besides that, he is now a Research Fellow in the same institution, working on the project on “Health and Healthcare under Austerity”, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Pedro Pita Barros.

As a member of the Nova Healthcare Initiative, working in a relevant topic such as Health Economics and getting acquainted with new research methods and techniques, motivates him to explore this field, and to develop his research skills, increasing the desire to become a PhD student in the future.


BSc. in Economics, 2014, NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal

Research Interests

Financial and Economic Decisions, Health Economics, Education Policy

Also, other topics of high relevance for the development of top quality policy recommendations such as Economic and Risk Modeling, Statistical and Numerical Methods are areas with strong motivation to explore.