Alves, Joana

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Research Assistant at ENSP-UNL




After studying at NOVA School of Business and Economics for her bachelor and master degrees in economics, Joana worked as consultant at Deloitte Consultores in Public Sector, Life Sciences and Healthcare department (2008-2010).

In 2010, she collaborated in a project for a Portuguese municipality at Nova School of Business and Economics. The project aimed to study tax competition and real state valuation (hedonic models).

Then, she integrated the National School of Public Health from University NOVA of Lisbon (ENSP-UNL) as a research assistant. Her research focus is the area of health economics, namely the economic evaluation of health programs, decentralization of health competencies, and socioeconomic inequalities in health and risk behaviors. She has collaborated in several projects, and has been responsible for data collection and analysis, scientific writing and for the presentation of research results on several international conferences. Her research results were published mainly in public health academic journals, such as Revista de Saúde Pública and Revista Portuguesa de Saúde Pública.

Joana is a PhD candidate in public health since 2012. Her main field of study has been health economics. In 2013 she went to Rotterdam to engage in an Erasmus Summer Program on Research Training in Medicine and the Health Sciences (NIHES). The main areas studied were social epidemiology, introduction to global public health, methods of public health research, methods of health services research, advances in epidemiologic analysis, conceptual foundation of epidemiologic study design, and the practice of epidemiologic analysis. Currently, she is investigating the socioeconomic inequalities on risk behaviors, particularly in tobacco use.

Recently, she has been also collaborating with Eurotrials Scientific Consultants in teaching and training in the field of pharmacoeconomics.


MSc. in Economics, 2008, NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal

BSc. (Honors) in Economics, 2007, NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal

Research Interests

Inequalities in health and health behaviors; Economic evaluation


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